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Converting mkv to mp4 using ffmpeg

There are a thousand examples online that help you convert a mkv into an mp4 (and explain how mkv is just a container for mp4). Unfortunately, »

Creating a CA for development, and signing SAN/UCC certificates

This post tasks about why I came up with https://github.com/jaysh/free-ca. If you want to dive straight into creating your own CA (and »

Ghost blog CloudFlare page rules

Unlike WordPress, a blog powered by Ghost rarely needs to have its page created on-the-fly. The main reason for this is comments: it's much harder to »

Setting up DHCP for Proxmox VMs

My hobby box over at OVH (which runs a Proxmox host) only has 1 public IP, requiring me to use internal IPs for everything else (I »

Taking screenshots of QEMU guests

In order to take a screenshot from QEMU (which they call a screendump), you can: Use qm monitor 121: $ sudo qm monitor 121 Entering Qemu Monitor »