Personal statement

I'm a senior PHP, Symfony2 developer and experienced Linux, Apache and MySQL admin. In my recent roles, I have served as a vital Symfony2 resource for a large Middle Eastern recruitment portal, implementing new features, refactoring their REST API, fixing vulnerabilities and improving performance throughout.

I'm a highly motivated and genial individual who thrives on challenging work and team experiences. Always pushing myself to discover new tools and languages - contributing back to open source projects wherever I can. I'm currently preparing for the Symfony2 Certification in order to identify areas requiring focus.

Excellent ability to digest briefs from clients and convert them into technical requirements in order to innovate functional solutions. Keen at presenting technical information to all audiences.


As a mostly backend developer, it's quite difficult to come up with a "portfolio" in the same sense that frontend developers can. When you see a screenshot of a website, you're able to start painting a quick picture to understand what service that website roughly provides - you don't require a detailed or in-depth understanding of any particular feature. On the other hand, if I were to show you one feature particular of an application or website, without any of this context, it's quite hard to understand what you're looking at without knowing what service the application is supposed to provide.

That all said and done, my website is my best attempt to be my portfolio. Whenever I think I've come up with something that I'm particularly proud of, I'll try and document it and publish it as open source (starting from why it was requested, what I ended up offering, and then to how it technically works). This should give everyone the chance to evaluate me at whichever zone they feel most comfortable in and, at the very least, show I understand my trade and that I'm able to make reasonable attempts to solve the most complex problems.

Education and Training
Symfony2 Certification Pending
Zend Certified PHP Engineer 2014
License: ZEND011569
Joint Mathematics and Computing, BSc 2009 - 2012
First Class Honours - Imperial College London
Computing, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Economics 2007 - 2009
A-levels All at Grade A - Graveney School, London