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Deploying Ghost via Dokku with PostgreSQL

To start, you'll need a working Dokku installation (tested with v0.3.15) and have installed a suitable PostgreSQL plugin. First, we clone the Ghost on »

Fixing "grubby fatal error: unable to find a suitable template"

When I saw Kimsufi (OVH) offering a fully dedicated server at £3 a month, I had to give it a try. However, when trying to do »

Fix upside-down touchscreen on Ubuntu 12.10 / XPS 12

When inverting the screen on the XPS 12, the touchscreen digitizer gets awfully confused and reflects all of the co-ordinates. In order to fix that, you »

Ubuntu 12.10 on the Dell XPS 12

In a much delayed update, here are my thoughts on Ubuntu 12.10 on the Dell XPS 12. I've been running it for approximately 3 week »

Ubuntu 13.04 on the Dell XPS 12

My first day with my Dell XPS 12 involved me battling Ubuntu 13.04. I lost that battle and resorted to Ubuntu 12.10 (which I'll »